Studio Membership Information: 

A Studio Membership in the Mountain ObjectMakers Cooperative is open to anyone (age 18+) who wishes to apply. The primary focus of our cooperative is to provide affordable studio space in a collaborative environment for artists working in Object Making. Object Makers include, but are not limited to, ceramicists, glass artists, jewellers, sculptors, and flameworkers.  Because of this focus, and the open studio environment, all materials used by the artists must be compatible with each other. Artists will have their own studio tools, but may also wish to share larger equipment within the communal spaces in the studio.

Currently our communal space includes:

  • Bathroom
  • 3 Kilns
  • Plaster area
  • Glaze area
  • Glass finishing tools
  • Storage
  • Clean area (drawing, photography)
  • Large work table
  • Display/exhibition area

Each individual artist space is approximately 72 square feet and is to be organized and outfitted by the artist. In order to maintain the open quality to our space we do not permit full walls to be built.

We anticipate a total of 6 full-time artists. A shared space is possible, please discuss this with a board member before applying.

Rent: Each Studio Member must sign a contract with Mountain ObjectMakers Cooperative. A two month deposit is required and two-month notice must be given in order to end the lease.

Currently rent is set at: $360 plus additional shared costs (e.g. electrical and insurance) 

The Cooperative Model

We are an inclusive community that welcomes and values a diversity of people in its membership. However, working in a cooperative studio environment is not for everyone. People who thrive in a cooperative community will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. Demonstrate reliability
  2. Communicate constructively
  3. Function as an active participant
  4. Show commitment to the team
  5. Cooperate and pitch in to help
  6. Exhibit flexibility
  7. Work as a problem-solver
  8. Treat others in a respectful and supportive manner
  9. Listen actively
  10. Share openly and willingly

 All members must purchase a $25.00 membership share.  This share is refundable when you choose to leave the co-op. Payment of shares is due upon acceptance into the Co-op.

Because our organization is a co-operative, the members are owners of the company. Each member is entitled to one vote at our general meetings, including electing a Board of Directors.

Interested in becominga studio member?  Fill in the Studio Application Form.